cPanel/WHM Managed NVMe Reseller Hosting

Experience the Ultimate in Speed and Control with Our White Label cPanel/WHM Managed NVMe Reseller Hosting. Join us for a seamless reseller hosting journey today!

  • cPanel/WHM Control Panel
  • Daily Data Backup
  • Free Data Migration
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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Your NVMe Reseller Hosting Plans

Discover the Future of Hosting with our NVMe Reseller Hosting plans. Unlock unbeatable performance and power for your web hosting business. Choose the plan that fits your needs.

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Why Choose SatisfyHost NVMe Reseller Hosting

Elevate Your Hosting Business with SatisfyHost NVMe Reseller Hosting. Experience unrivaled speed, reliability, and support. Find out why we're your perfect partner in web hosting success.

99.99% Uptime

Our reliable infrastructure ensures minimal downtime, keeping your website accessible to your customers and visitors around the clock.

Free SSL Certificate

Secure your website for free with a Let's Encrypt powered SSL Certificate - the easy and cost-effective solution for HTTPS encryption.

Cloud Data Backup

Securely backup your website data with Jetbackup - our reliable and easy-to-use Cloud Data Backup solution. We never charge you for this.

24x7 Tech Support

Get round-the-clock technical support through live chat, support ticket, and email - so you can focus on growing your website.

NVMe Reseller Hosting Features

With our robust infrastructure and user-friendly tools, you'll have everything you need to accelerate your revenue and deliver an exceptional online experience.

Easy Control Panel

Our control panel simplifies website management, allowing you to easily navigate through various functions and settings.


With Non-Volatile Memory Express, your website, caching, and database queries are four times faster than a SATA SSD.

Data Backup

We ensure user's website content, databases, and everything are securely backed up on cloud at regular intervals.

Robust Security

Our powerful firewall system acts as a shield, actively monitoring and filtering incoming and outgoing network traffic.

One-Click Installations

No need to dig into a bunch of documentation. Simply install new WordPress or restore with Softaculous just one click away.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

With multiple datacenter locations, redundant cooling, emergency generators and monitoring we ensure maximum online time.

Litespeed Web Server

Litespeed is fully compatible with popular web applications, including WordPress, Joomla, and Magento, ensuring smooth integration with your preferred CMS platform.

Free SSL Certificate

Take advantage of our complimentary SSL certificate and provide your website with the security it deserves. Secure data transmission, boost SEO rankings, and inspire trust in your visitors.

Personalize Email

Establish credibility and professionalism with email addresses that reflect your domain name. Stand out from generic email service and reinforce your brand identity with every message you send.

WordPress Optimized

With server-side caching, PHP optimization, and comprehensive fine-tuning, we ensure unparalleled performance and reliability for your WordPress website.

Latest PHP Version

By keeping up with the latest PHP version, you can leverage the full capabilities of modern web technologies and maintain compatibility with industry standards.

Secure Shell (SSH) Access

SSH provides a powerful command-line interface, allowing you to execute complex tasks efficiently. From running scripts and scheduled tasks to automating server processes.

WordPress Optimization
  • 1-click WordPress Installation
  • Themes and plugins installation
  • Easy WordPress Cloning
  • Optimized Server Configuration
Exclusive Features
  • Daily Backups & free backup restore
  • Security Updates and Patching
  • Performance and resource monitoring
  • Live Chat and Ticket Support
Service Stability
  • RAID Protected Disks
  • Latest and Fastest PHP/MySQL version
  • Observer Resource Monitoring
  • Malware Scan & Reports

SatisfyHost NVMe Reseller Hosting - Industry Best Solutions

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Our focus extends beyond accolades. Our aim is to provide web hosting solutions that redefine speed and reliability. While we're not in pursuit of awards, we take immense pride in the accolades we've earned. Since our inception in 2012, our team's dedication has propelled us to become the industry's foremost hosting provider, setting new standards for excellence.

NVMe Reseller Hosting - White Label Features For Your Brand

Elevate your brand experience, build trust, and captivate your audience with a seamless fusion of our advanced features and your distinct brand essence.

Custom Server Hostname

Elevate Your Brand with Custom Hostnames.

    As a vital component of our premium White Label Reseller Hosting service, Custom Hostnames empower you to seamlessly establish and enhance your brand's online presence. Unlike other hosting providers, we prioritize your brand identity by refraining from using any trace of our own branding in server hostnames. This unique approach allows you to maintain a consistent, professional image while reselling hosting services under your own label.

Private Name Server

Personalized Nameservers for Resellers.

    As a trusted partner, we understand the importance of maintaining your brand's identity. With private nameservers, you can establish a professional online presence by creating personalized nameservers like This unique feature not only enhances your brand visibility but also instills confidence in your clients, as they connect with your services through familiar and branded nameservers.

Control Panel Customization

Seamlessly incorporate your brand kits.

    Our intuitive platform enables you to take full control of the user experience by tailoring the control panel to match your unique brand identity. Seamlessly integrate your logo, handpick the perfect color scheme, and infuse every element with your distinctive touch. With this level of personalization, you can confidently present a cohesive and memorable brand to your customers.

NVMe Reseller Hosting - Need A Different Solution?

We recommend reseller hosting for business companies or creative agencies or web developers to start a web hosting business. But if you feel that you want to setup your own server with root access where you can use your full power then you can take managed VPS or dedicated server. Our expert team will manage and configure your server if you take the managed server service. No more hassles, no more hassles for server management here. You can choose web hosting control panel like cPanel, Plesk, Directadmin, Webuzo as per your requirement.

Get Support Instantly with NVMe Reseller Hosting

Our responsive platform allows you to access expert assistance and solutions in real-time, eliminating barriers of distance and time.

24/7 Support Anytime, Anywhere

Seamless Support Anywhere via Live Chat, Ticket, or Email

    Empower yourself with round-the-clock assistance, no matter your location or the hour. Our dedicated support team is available 24/7/365 to serve you through live chat for instant aid, ticket submissions for organized queries, and email for in-depth discussions. Experience unwavering support at your convenience, ensuring you're never alone on your journey.

Free Migration

Move your entire WHM with customers data stress-free.

    Simplify the transfer of your WHM reseller account, including all vital customer data, without a hint of stress. Our dedicated support team for reseller hosting guarantees a seamless migration process. Leave the complexities to us as we handle the entire transition, ensuring your valuable data and relationships remain intact.

NVMe Reseller Hosting FAQs

To help you understand our service better, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions. Our FAQs cover topics like our hosting features, security measures, and pricing plans. We're here to help you make an informed decision and choose the right hosting plan for your needs.

Our reseller hosting package includes white-label cPanel/WHM for easy account management, Litespeed Web Server for faster performance, CloudLinux for resource isolation, Imunify360 for enhanced security, Jetbackup for seamless backups, and Softaculous for one-click app installations.

White-label reseller hosting lets you brand the hosting services as your own. You can set up custom nameservers, use your logo, and provide your clients with a seamless hosting experience under your brand, while we handle the technical aspects.

Yes, you have complete control over the hosting packages you offer. You can allocate resources, set pricing, and define features for each package according to your clients' needs.

While you handle your clients' day-to-day inquiries, we offer technical support to you directly. You can escalate any technical issues to us, ensuring your clients receive top-notch assistance.

Our reseller hosting includes Imunify360, a comprehensive security suite that provides proactive defense against threats, malware, and attacks, helping safeguard your clients' websites and data.

Absolutely, we understand that your business may expand over time. You can easily upgrade your reseller hosting package to accommodate more clients and resources.

Yes, we utilize Litespeed Web Server, which is known for its high-performance capabilities. This ensures that websites hosted on your reseller accounts load quickly, contributing to a positive user experience.

Yes, we offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you're not satisfied with our reseller hosting services within the specified period (14 days), you can request a refund according to our terms and conditions.

NVMe Reseller Hosting Reviews by Our Customers